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How a sick day can make you feel better

How a sick day can make you feel betterHow a sick day can make you feel betterImagine youre at home and someone knocks on your front door. You open the door and greet a dapper gentleman in a suit, sporting a thin mustache and slicked-back hair. He looks like someone from the early 1900s.Illustrations by John WeissFollow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moraNot a word is spoken. The fellow tilts his head to the right, inviting you outside. His face is kind. Curious, you follow.The gentleman raises his hand up as if to seemingly rest it against the scenery of your street. Except when he does this, he opens an invisible door. Beyond it, you see people celebrating at a wedding. They are dressed like the gentleman, in clothing from the past.You follow him and step through this doorway in time. You become a guest amongst the wedding reception participants. There are children, people dancing, fami ly laughing, and a robust priest smiling as he enjoys the feast.The wedding cake is cut and there is applause. You spy a photographer with an old style camera and flash. He is about to take a picture of the bride and groom. You glance over at them, and it hits you.They are your parents.More emotionally susceptibleToday I had the misfortune of coming down with a bad virus. The full-service kind, complete with fever, sore throat, aches, and general misery.Illness forces you to hunker down at home for a while. Restricted from the usual rhythms of life, you dont have much to do but read or watch television. I tried to do some painting and writing but didnt have the energy.Whenever I get sick, I become more emotionally susceptible to poignant books, movies, videos, and music. Maybe getting sick is our bodys way of taking time out from everyday life, so that we can slow down and revisit the past. Conjure old memories and feelings long dormant.So there I was, ensconced on the couch watchin g television when a commercial for FedEx came on. Most commercials I ignore, but this one was creative and touching. In fact, it was the very scene I described in the opening of this article.The commercial is titled Memories. Take a moment to watch it below.A silentguestIm notlage sure how I would respond if some mystical gentleman opened a portal to the past for me, and I found myself at my parents wedding.Perhaps I would share with them our future vacations in Carmel, California, where we had picnics on the beach and watched the surf together.Or maybe I would warn Dad about his heart attack, and the distance that he and Mom would sometimes share in later years.Most likely, I wouldnt say a word. Id remain as a silent guest, taking in all the splendor and joy of the moment. The past is always there for us to visit, but visiting the past to alter the future surely violates some cosmic rule.The call of our ancestorsYou can only watch so much television when youre sick at home. I tried to paint in my art studio for a while, but I didnt have the energy. I ended up reading the newspaper and came across an interesting story buried on the third page.It was about a World War II veteran namedFrank Manchel, who was on an all-expenses-paid weekend trip for veterans to Washington D.C. Manchel was on the Honor Flight back home to San Diego.Manchel was laughing, chatting and having a good time. And then, about an hour before landing, he collapsed. Doctors on the flight (including his son) unsuccessfully tried to revive him.Perhaps our ancestors know when to call us home. Maybe Mancels last visit to Washington D.C. and all those memories of his absinken buddies sparked some kind of unraveling in his soul. A sort of release, allowing him to pass over the veil.I can envision family, friends, and soldiers long gone greeting Mancel with open arms after he passed.Theres a beautiful Garth Brooks song titledThe Dance.All this reflection put me in a somber mood, and I decided to pla y the song.Its about the importance of living out our lives. There will be good and bad, but to miss out on the experience would be the greatest injustice.The following lyrics fromThe Dancesum it up perfectlyYes my life is better left to chanceI could have missed the painBut Id have had to miss thedanceRoses in ourwinterWhat do a FedEx commercial, dying World War II veteran, and Garth BrookssThe Dance,all mean?That life is meant to be lived in full. The good, the bad, and everything in between. We must not remain haunted by regrets, seize each day, remember to savor those sweet times gone by and embrace our memories.Author and columnist George Will once wrote thatMemories are roses in our winter.My 85-year-old mother can attest to that. She often reminisces, recalling vivid memories of the past. We smile and laugh as we talk about the good old days.Its amazing to me that all this reflection was spawned by one sick day at home and a silly FedEx commercial. But as noted above, perhaps thats why we get sick sometimes. To force us to slow down, shut out the world, revisit some memories and reflect on life.My sick day, ironically, made me feel better. It allowed me to reflect and focus on the important things in life, rather than all the other noise that gets in the way.I dont recommend getting sick, but if you do, use the time for some gentle reflection and reminiscence. Itll clear your mind, and make you feel better.All of our dances will end someday, and wasnt it Socrates who wrote that the unexamined life is not worth living?(Originally published yougoImJohn P. Weiss.I paint landscapes, draw cartoons and write about life. Thanks for reading.This article first appeared on Medium.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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How to Overcome a Weakness Gain Confidence in Your Skills

How to Overcome a Weakness Gain Confidence in Your SkillsHow to Overcome a Weakness Gain Confidence in Your SkillsThere I was, on an early Saturday morning, in front of a group of haggard, hung over, middle-aged men, presenting my companys new products to a key distributors sales gruppe.After the presentations, the group of men voted on the best and worst speaker of the day. And guess who was voted the worst?Me.I was humiliated and horrified, but honestly, it was a good decision- I was terrible.So, I immediately hatched a plan to find a new job that would never require me to speak in front of a group of people again. How could I go through with it?But, I also figured out an alternate escape route If I simply gained the confidence to speak in front of people, Id never again find myself in that horrifying situation in the first place.Im happy to report that the competitor in me prevailed, and I chose the latter course. And if youre in the same boat- maybe youve had a similar catastro phic experience, or maybe you just dont feel good enough in your day-to-day role- know that you, too, can boost your confidence in your abilities and face your weakness head-on. Heres how.1. Build Relationships and Trust With OthersWhen you build strong, trusting relationships with your co-workers (and even the clients you work with), youll gain an army of supporters- so even if you dont fully believe in yourself, your team will.After my career mishap, I approached my team to let them know how I intended to improve for future presentations. And suddenly, I had a group of raving fans who constantly encouraged me, gave me honest feedback, and shared their own trials and slip-ups with me. (When someone you trust says, Hey, I had an epic fail once- but I overcame it, and you can, too- its a pretty powerful confidence booster.)I also approached my customer and promised that Id never be the worst speaker again. He encouraged and supported me, and he trusted that Id follow through with my commitment.Having a team (and clients) that wants you to succeed is empowering. And with their motivation and votes of confidence, youll be encouraged to push forward.2. Have Clear Objectives and a Plan to Meet ThemWhile looking to others for encouragement is great, something that we often trap ourselves in when trying to overcome a weakness is looking to them for approval. On the contrary, when you set your own goals for success, you have something to grab onto and own yourself. You can be more concerned with reaching your own objectives than with meeting the approval of others.So, once you set your mind to something, put a plan in place to meet it. My goal, of course, was to learn to speak and present myself more effectively. To get to that point, I went to a local university and signed up for two terms of communications courses. And I didnt just sit in the back and take notes I asked for feedback on everything from my presentation outlines to the way I pronounced specific words.I t was a humbling and powerful experience- but the end result was well worth it.Whats more, I learned that with a goal, well laid-out steps, and self-directed action, I had more power and kompetenz than I ever imagined.3. Focus on Small Wins That said, as you work toward your ultimate goal, remember You do not need to win the gold medal on day 1.After all, did I return to the sales group the next week and knock them off their feet with a killer speech? Wishful thinking But no, I didnt.In my communications classes, the professor had us take baby steps and get small wins. So, we started by writing a good outline. Then, we gave a short speech on that outline. Next was a longer speech, then more complex and even longer speeches. Then, we recorded our speeches for feedback. And eventually, we attempted extemporaneous speaking (hows that for nerve-wracking?).Small step by small step, I gained experience, new skills, and confidence. Each small win gave me an opportunity to celebrate- which helped push me further.And you can do the same. As you work toward your goals, keep track of your progress in a journal or calendar- and celebrate each and every victory, no matter how small.4. Leverage Your StrengthsWhile you work on building your skills directly (like taking a few classes, as in my situation), surround yourself with opportunities to use your other strengths, too. This will amplify your sense of accomplishment- which will boost your confidence even more.For example, I wasnt a great speaker, but I knew I was good at building rapport, following up, and developing account management strategies, and I could help people understand complex situations quickly and easily. When I focused on these natural talents, it helped me build my confidence in every area of my work- including public speaking.Too often, we focus only on weaknesses (Im terrible at public speaking, so I dont even deserve this job), which dissolves any semblance of confidence we have and can impact our per formance in other areas. So, although your strengths will never erase your weaknesses entirely, theyll be a good reminder that you are competent- and that with those skills, youll be able to overcome any shortcomings.The takeaway? Even if youre faced with a weakness, dont be afraid to stretch yourself, try new things, and take more risks. The more things you try, the more choices and opportunities youll have- which pretty much puts the world at your fingertips.Most of all, believe in your ability to succeed. Once you have that confidence, youll roll with the ups and downs of your job without a second thought. Surprise presentation? Bring it onPhoto of man at work courtesy of Shutterstock.

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8 Tips to Land Your Dream Job in Under 2 Minutes [video]

8 Tips to Land Your Dream Job in Under 2 Minutes video8 Tips to Land Your Dream Job in Under 2 Minutes Job seeking can sometimes be very discouraging and not necessarily easy. These 8 pieces of advice can help you to find the job of your dreams.The most important advice is believe in yourself. Dont feel like you are under experienced for a certain job. It is all about moving your comfort zone further. Be happy for the new challenges, do not be scared of them.To find the rest of our useful advices to find a job, check out the video below.Share Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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Why Goal Setting Most Often Fails

Why Goal Setting Most Often FailsWhy Goal Setting Most Often FailsWhy dont most people platzset and achieve personal goals, career goals, and business goals? Goal setting is a positive, powerful practice when it ignites enthusiasm and provides clear direction. When practiced poorly, however, goal setting also has a serious downside which can undermine your success. Poor goal setting makes people cynical, wastes their time and fosters confusion about where to concentrate on actions and energy. How does such a potentially successful practice as goal setting, go wrong, so often? This site is a proponent of setting goals and measuring your progress in achieving them. A recent exchange with William Hamilton, President of TechSmith Corporation, and several other executive managers (who wish to remain anonymous) reminded you that goal setting, executed poorly, thoughtlessly, or for the wrong reasons, can have a significant negative impact on both people and your organization business plan. Avoid these five misuses of a potentially positive, powerful practice goal setting for personal goals, career goals, and business goals. The Art of Intimidation Organizations often fail to achieve goals and strategic planning targets that are set top down, by executives who lack crucial information and are out of touch with staff challenges. The goals are unrealistic and they fail to consider organization resources and capabilities. Staff members dont believe that the rewards they will receive for goal accomplishment will equal the energy they invest to achieve them. Frequently, managers are intimidated when they fear job loss for failure. A former Siebel Systems executive says My favorite goal setting story of all time was how Siebel set abverkauf goals for its District Managers everyones quota was $3.5 million. There, no more thought needed to go into it, no discussion - just do it or youre fired So the District Manager calling on Citibank had the same quota as the District Ma nager calling on the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Guess which guy got fired? I also remember how I used to spend the last day of every sales quarter at Siebel performing unnatural acts to close business and save my job. At the end of the year, I had to work until 1000 p.m. on the last day of the sales quarter (while we had company over at home) to get one last deal closed. This deal saved my job. I was one of two state and local district managers that avoided the ax two weeks later. Goals Intended to Impress, leid Guide Efforts William Hamilton says During the roaring, crazy days of the nineties, using goalsto impress was commonplace, although organizations also utilized this technique long before the Internet arrived. In this process, management creates goals based on the desire to impress or mislead outside groups. According to Hamilton, this process is, also used to avoid serious analysis of the company and the marketplace. At the end of the time per iod, these goals can then be used by senior management to pass the buck and the blame for the failure to meet the goals. To internal staff members, who were often unconvinced and unmoved by the unrealistic, show goals, senior managements actions produced serious morale and competency-questioning issues. To staff members who bought into the euphoria, failure to achieve the goals was a deadly downward spiral. We Had to Destroy the Village In an effort to meet the current periods goals, the long-term viability of the organization is put at risk. Hamilton gives these examples of negative actions people take to meet unrealistic goals. They Focus development efforts on the next sale.Offer deep discounts on products to move future sales into the current period.Push expenses into the future, rather than accounting for them when incurred.Use expensivepromotionsthat actually generate less in sales than they cost.Fail to carefully develop long-term strategic efforts, when strategic means t he payoff is not within the next goal time period. A former IBM manager illustrates this point with this story. One ridiculous process was the way IBM used to set sales quotas. In the later years there, when the company was showing very slow growth, you could count on a 25% to 30% increase in quota. It didnt matter that most IT (Information Technology) budgets were stagnant, so the quota process was demoralizing in a big way The way to make dollars there was to find a job where they werent sure how to set the quota - some kind of new area - and clean up and move on. Some people specialized in this sort of behavior. Goal Setting Becomes the Plan, Not the Execution Hamilton says a potentially serious downside occurs when the ratio of energy, time and creativity that goes into creating the goal outstrips (and comes out of the hide) of actually managing the product. In one small manufacturing company, a management group decided to use Gantt charts to track goal accomplishment. After starting with a huge investment of time in making the charts for all of their goals, the management group soon abandoned the charting. When questioned later, they affirmed that the charting was taking too much of the time they needed to accomplish the goals. But, they had awesome charts while they were keeping them up. Another example of this is when an organization spends time and energy to develop a comprehensive business plan, and then the plan sits in a drawer. While the act of making the plan was important, the follow-up is the critical piece. Regular review and follow-up make a plan live - and serve. Too Many Goals Make Nothing a Priority In our work with small and mid-sized manufacturing companies, we often find that people wear so many hats, they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of goals they are expected to meet. We once facilitated a strategic planning session during which people analyzed and established priorities. They moved non-priority items to a B list and bel ieved they had successfully created an A list of the most important, achievable goals. You can imagine my consternation when, at the end of the session, the senior manager looked at the list of goals on the B list and said, These are all givens. We have to accomplish these anyway. People with too many goals experience these issues They never feel as if they accomplish a complete task.It is difficult to tie their goal accomplishment to a reward and recognition system that recognizes their accomplishments.They dont know what is most important to accomplish next.They sachverhalt prey to the check it off the list syndrome in which they check tasks off their list before the actions have been integrated into the organization. Goal setting is a positive, powerful, business practice when it tells your staff where you are going. Effective goal setting also demonstrates what success will look like during the journey and upon arrival. When practiced poorly, however, goal setting can negatively impact your organization in all the ways described and more.

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How to Stop That Nagging Self-Doubt From Constantly Creeping In

How to Stop That Nagging Self-Doubt From Constantly Creeping InHow to Stop That Nagging Self-Doubt From Constantly Creeping InFeelings of self-doubt can plague all of us- and in some cases, these harbored doubts threaten to derail ur work lives. The chatter of these disconcerting pangs can become quite vocal as we approach (or settle) into a new challenge. While I dont recommend debating if this is worthy of your attention (it is), actively considering how to neutralize the negative by-products is both worthy and necessary.There is a personenname for this dynamic The imposter syndrome, or The imposter phenomenon. First documented by psychologists Suzanne Imes and Pauline Rose Clance in the 70s- which explains how family experiences can serve as one instigating culprit- it illustrates how high achievement doesnt automatically translate into a deep sense of confidence. We can harbor experiences that make us feel vulnerable and unworthy. In fact, some us fear being discovered as less th an competent (even a fake) as we progress career-wise.Questions such as Do I deserve to be here? and Do I really have what it takes to succeed? can dominate our internal monologue. Research examining this recorded greater anxiety levels for those identified as imposters before a challenge, and greater loss of self-esteem after a failure- yet it did elend affect actual performance. Those examining IP further as it affects us career-wise found that IP decreased career planning, career striving, and the motivation to lead- all of which can spell trouble.Have you heard the urban legend of a freshly minted group of MBA students at a prestigious university? On the first day of class, a professor inquired if they entertained the thought that their acceptance may have been an error. Surprisingly, the majority of students raised their hand in response. They had unceremoniously diminished their hard work and accomplishments to something as capricious as an office error.The truth is, Ive been there- and in all likelihood, youve been there, too. We should make every effort to squelch our negative inner voice as it attempts to trump our hard work. In fact, we should unpack the whys and hows of the syndrome, because self-managing these pangs is an important task.Here are some things to considerUnderstand Where Your Doubts OriginateThis is an important, yet very tough question to answer. In many cases, past experiences are so ingrained in our daily lives that weve forgotten to challenge them. Has an early career failure or unhealthy family dynamic plagued you in some way? Take the time to examine the layers of the onion.Watch the Stress of TransitionsFeelings of anxiety can accompany new surroundings or uncertainty. Recognize this is completely normal and will likely pass as you become more settled in your new endeavor.Watch the Perfect TrapFeelings of doubt can be fueled by the penchant to achieve perfection. Try to determine if perfectionist tendencies cloud your judgement concerning your knowledge set, skills, and experience.Consider the FactsTake a deep breath and examine the facts. (In fact, sit down and review your accomplishments.) There is likely much more evidence that you are competent and can meet the challenges in front of you, than not. Remember that an organization chooses to engage you, betting you will succeed rather than fail. If you are not chosen for a valued role or task, realize that this does not mean you are entirely incompetent- just not the individual with the best fit.Learn to Process Setbacks in a Healthier MannerFailure is an ever-present possibility- and the greater the challenge ahead, the more likely your protective mechanisms will kick into high gear. Yes, there is a chance that you might fail. However, if all doesnt go well, be careful to unpack the low points without sacrificing yourself.Monitor Self-TalkWhat usually dominates your thoughts with a challenge? Excitement? Doubt? Negativity? Monitor (and auto-correct) the dialogue marching through your head.Share Your ConcernsIf you have nagging doubts about a specific element of your work life, put the cards on the table with someone with who can offer an impartial opinion. Go there and discuss the perceived weaknesses. This may offer you a much-needed perspective.Still Doubtful? Try to FocusIf you still have a suspicion that you may actually be lacking somehow (even though others may not share that assessment), explore methods to satisfy your inner critic. Carve out strategies to help you feel comfortable and build confidence, or circulate your ideas for review or comment. This may do your workplace heart a world of good.This article was originally published on LinkedIn. It has been republished here with permission.Photo of man nervous courtesy of Hero Images/Getty Images.

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Consultant Resume at a Glance

Consultant Resume at a Glance Marketing assistant CV DayJob If you are only starting out, you need to use an entry level CV. Our resume builder will provide you with tips and examples on how best to compose your resume summary. Its possible to also Simple Resume Template. With LinkedIn, all you have to do is a transition to a month-to-month subscription. If youre lacking a good deal of expert experience then it is even more critical you compose a flawless education section. Or one may need a skill based resume which helps to emphasize your abilities and achievements that are directly relevant to a certain job target that is also offered. Your resumes career objective should state that youre seeking to join a stable business in a standort that would provide you with the chance to expand your expertise and improve your abilities. A well-written objective will tell your prospective employer you have expertise within the field that you claim, and you ought to emphasize any prev ious experiences or skills that will turn you into a viable candidate. Get the Scoop on Consultant Resume Before Youre Too Late Employers will find a particular person who can fulfill their existing needs, so its sensible to be certain that you emphasize the simple fact which you have exactly the correct skills. Structure of the resume objective The very first sentence of an objective should have the ability to explain the employer why you are the very best candidate for the specific post and what would you like to do something good for the organization. Up in Arms About Consultant Resume? You are vital to the success of your customers business ventures. You might or might not have business skills at the moment, but youre going to be expected to train and learn how businesses work and the way you can make them better. Instead, companies will be searching for more specific expertise and advertising specialists. An organization may be looking to seek the services of a digital absatzwirtschaft and advertising consultant since they dont know the very first thing about digital marketing or since they want some of your particular expertise. You will need a completely different strategy, one specifically created for digital advertising consultants. 1 Actually, in marketing, its what you say and the way you say it. Your marketing resume should contain keywords which are searched by marketing managers if youre looking for suitable applicants. Marketing in the 21st century demands intimate understanding of social networking platforms. So it is an excellent idea to start your resume with some critical points that will capture the interest of the hiring manager. You also need to have the correct attitude for the job. If you are not happy in your work, learn why, for real. Even worse, you might be put in a job where youre unqualified. The Secret to Consultant Resume So when the hiring company hasnt provided a salary for work, we look at salary data from re lated businesses and locations to develop a sensible estimate for what it is possible to expect. While there are lots of expert CV and resume writing services available on the web, and theyll certainly do the task for you, it is going to cost you to get it written for you in particular. You also encounter different people on the job and as prospective buyers or sellers. Second, $15,000 is a substantial saving for smaller businesses. A free resume template is a kind of basic sample for a resume that an individual might need to develop. The option of not employing the comprehensive flusskompressionsgenerator architecture was made to decrease the developing time. No matter your degree of job experience, your resume structure is essential to making your program stick out. A premium quality sample marketing resume will contain a lot of the key terms and phrases employers are seeking, a couple times throughout their application. The Tried and True Method for Consultant Resume in S tep by Step Detail Management Analysts concentrate on CMSs internal operations with the purpose of improving organizational effectiveness. What the Car Sales Consultant Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers A Car Sales Consultant ought to have a good understanding of all of the vehicles they give and their features so they can give the appropriate info to buyers. Finding a job as a Salesforce Consultant demands business knowledge, soft abilities, and most importantly, expansive Salesforce knowledge. Find out more about the business youre applying for A career for a business analyst can be very rewarding. That means you can see why the healthcare consulting sector is in an outstanding distributions-mix to grow and prosper. Market Research Analyst CV Focusing on the important abilities and competencies required for the job of an industry research analyst the instance is short, but includes all of the information employers expect to see.

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Metromile Company Award

Metromile Company Award Below is a post originally written by PowerToFly Partner Metromile, and published on October 26, 2018. Go to Metromiles page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn mora.More exciting news for us at Metromile this week ????Metromile has been named to this years CB Insights Fintech 250, a list of the most promising fintech companies.Thanks to CB Insights for including us on this list were in great company One of the biggest challenges in almost all industries today is achieving gender parity. Gender diversity provides huge benefits in the workplace. pWhile some industries have made significant advancements in gender diversity, some industries lag further behind... and the construction industry is well-known for being in the latter category. If someone says, construction workers, youll likely picture a group of men in yellow hard hats analyzing an architects plans or laying bricks on top of a scaffold. An d men at work signs only help to reinforce this image.pThis stereotype is rooted in reality. When was the last time you actually spotted a woman on a construction site? Or hired a female plumber or carpenter? Your answer is most likely never. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statisticsreports that only 3.4% of the total of 8.3 million construction employees are women.pBut the construction industry has a lot more to offer than steel-toed boots and hard hats, and it needs women to help advance the industry in this era of rapid change. Here are 5 reasons why women joining the workforce or looking to make a pivot should consider a career in construction.h21. Fuel Innovation/h2pNot only is diversity the socially and morally right thing to do, but it is also actually an excellent business strategy. pResearch presented in the Harvard Business Reviewshows that diverse teams develop more innovative ideas. This is further supported by a study conducted by Gallupon the performance of gender-divers e teams versus single-gender teams, which found that the difference in backgrounds and perspectives led to better business performance and problem-solving. h22. Capitalize on Demand/h2pThe construction industry is currently experiencing a labor shortage. The industry itself is booming and projected to be one of the fastest-growing industries, with total spending projected to exceed $1.45 trillion in 2023/a. However, most construction companies are unable to meet the rising demand. pAccording to the Associated General Contractors of America/a, more than 80% of contractors are experiencing difficulties filling hourly craft positions that represent the bulk of the construction workforce.pAnd demand isnt limited to individual contributor roles. Given the industry boom, there are a number of open stable and high-paying roles (any project managers out there?) waiting for the right candidateh23. Leadership Opportunities/h2pAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics/a, women compose only 7 .7% of the total 1 million managerial positions in given the highly collaborative nature of construction work, more women in leadership roles would help drive innovation and enhance productivity.Furthermore, as a woman in construction in a leadership position, youd have the unique opportunity to drive change for the industry and make it a more attractive option for other women.h24. High-Income Potential/h2pSalaries for many skilled positions in construction are on the rise, making a construction career a prime choice for women looking for a high-paying job,pThe 2018 Construction Craft Salary Surveyconducted by the National Center for Construction Education and Research revealed that salaries for many skilled craft areas are increasing. Project managers and project supervisors topped the list at $92,523 and $88,355, respectively. The next set of highest-paying jobs include those of combo welders ($71,067), instrumentation technicians ($70,080), pipe welders ($69, 222), power line workers ($68,262) and industrial electricians ($67,269). Of the 32 categories of workers in the survey, 19 positions earned an average salary of $60,000 or higher.h25. Sense of accomplishment/h2p The construction industry can give employees a unique sense of achievement. Yes, the job is stressful and the work can be demanding, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to build something from the ground up. pHow many professionals in other industries can point at a school, a hospital, or a skyscraper and say I helped build that?pThe construction industry has a long way to go in combating gender bias and supporting women in the workforce, but given the current demand for workers, theres no better time to pick up a sledgehammer (figurative or literal) and smash the gender stereotypes plaguing the construction industry.